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The Center for the Study of Public Scholarship (CSPS) at Emory University promotes and examines scholarly work that crosses the boundary between the academy and the public. Established in 1995, it is guided by the assumption that a great deal of academic scholarship has the potential to address and engage with a broad range of different communities. The CSPS explores the public nature of this scholarship and the diverse forms it can take. It brings together academic and community based scholars whose work exhibits the potential to relate to one another and provides a space where models can be developed for collaborative scholarship that connects knowledge produced inside and outside of academic institutions. The Center is located within Emory College and is supported by the Rockefeller Foundation, the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and the Office of the Provost.

Since 2000, the CSPS has hosted Institutions of Public Culture, a collaborative program that links universities, museums, arts organizations and other cultural institutions in the United States and South Africa through fellowships, internships, workshops, and seminars. The co-directors of the current program are Dr. Ivan Karp (ILA and African Studies) and Dr. Corinne Kratz (Anthropology and African Studies).

CSPS Photo Galleries

CSPS - CARE Workshop, July 14-15, 2006
Photo Gallery: Grant Writing Workshop Photos
Photo Gallery: CSPS & Institutions of Public Culture 2005-2006
Photo Gallery: CSPS & Institutions of Public Culture 2003-2004

Photo Gallery: March 2004 Cape Town Workshop

Photo Gallery: CSPS & Institutions of Public Culture 2002-2003
Photo Gallery: CSPS & Institutions of Public Culture 2001-2002

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