Farewell from the Center for the Study of Public Scholarship!

Dear CSPS Supporters,

After nearly 15 years, the Center for the Study of Public Scholarship will close its doors on March 31, 2009. 

With your support, the Center has been able to address and examine scholarly work that crosses the boundary between the academy and the public through lenses as varied as those of artists and critics, cultural institutions such as museums and media, international development work with NGOs, universities and research institutes and the ongoing professional development of graduate students through the pursuit and procurement of external funding sources.  We have brought a wide range of visitors to Emory from all over the world, mounted workshops and programs on critical topics and debates, and developed a particularly strong set of relations with colleagues in Southern Africa through regular exchanges and engagements over the last ten years.

We thank you for your longstanding and continued interest and support of this important work.  The directors of the Center, Drs. Ivan Karp and Corinne Kratz, will continue to serve at Emory and are available to answer questions you  might have regarding the work of CSPS.  Please find their updated contact information on the Contact CSPS page of this website. 

The Grant Writing Program that was created and organized through CSPS will continue, with events each year for graduate students in the humanities and social sciences at all stages of their graduate careers. Administration of the Grant Writing Program will move to the Graduate School; Drs. Karp and Kratz will continue to coordinate the program with Dr. Martine Brownley of the Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry. Please visit the website of Emory Graduate School for details and updates on Grant Writing Program events.


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